Eastland Generation has three geothermal power plants – Te Ahi O Maui, Geothermal Developments Ltd and TOPP1. We are also developing TOPP2, a 49MW geothermal power station. Each of these sites is located on the Kawerau Geothermal Reservoir in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Te Ahi O Maui

Te Ahi O Maui is a 26MW geothermal power plant on the Kawerau Geothermal Reservoir. It’s a partnership between Eastland Generation and the Kawerau A8D Ahu Whenua Trust.

Notably, this is the first geothermal power plant that Eastland Generation built from the ground up.

The facility consists of two geothermal production wells, two geothermal injection wells, an Ormat binary power station similar to many others already in operation in New Zealand and around the world, and a transmission connection to the national grid.

“Seeing this project completed has long been a vision for me and my whānau. We have a strong connection with the whenua and we are proud that it has been completed without any injury to people or the environment.”

- Tomai Fox, cultural advisor and kaumatua of the Kawerau A8D Ahu Whenua Trust.

Geothermal Developments Ltd

Located on the Kawerau Geothermal Reservoir, our Geothermal Developments Limited (GDL) plant is 100% owned by Eastland Generation and generates 9MW of renewable, baseload electricity.

The plant is situated on land owned by the Matata Parish 39A 2A Ahu Whenua Trust and the Matata Parish 39A 2B Ahu Whenua Trust.

GDL was constructed by Ormat Technologies, commissioned in 2008 and purchased by Eastland Generation in 2010. It utilises Ormat binary cycle technology. In 2013 a new suite of resource consents were issued to allow the plant to continue to operate for up to 35 years.


TOPP1 is a 24MW Ormat binary cycle power plant that is supplied steam and brine from Ngāti Tūwharetoa Geothermal Assets (NTGA) wells to generate electricity.

We also entered into long term geothermal fuel supply agreements with NTGA. This important partnership underpins plant performance, as well as providing options to collectively develop new power stations in the future. The partnership also provides operational synergies across our three geothermal plants.


We are currently developing TOPP2, a 49MW geothermal power station in Kawerau. This plant is twice the size of our TOPP1 and Te Ahi o Maui geothermal power stations.

Ormat, a leading global provider of renewable energy solutions will build and operate the power plant, with an option for Eastland Generation to purchase it. The fuel supply for this power plant will come from Ngāti Tūwharetoa Geothermal Assets (NTGA)

TOPP2 will enable us to build long-term regional energy capacity and resilience, as well as strong economic outcomes.

Taheke Geothermal Project

The Taheke Geothermal Project is a partnership between Eastland Generation and The Proprietors of Taheke 8C & Adjoining Blocks Incorporation. Our shared aim is to develop the geothermal resource beneath Taheke 8C’s whenua at the northern end of Lake Rotoiti. The project will open up new opportunities to support the cultural, social and economic goals of their Māori shareholders.

The project secured a loan with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for the drilling of an exploratory geothermal well. The well was completed in November 2021, then testing was undertaken to enable us to develop a reservoir model to inform the plant size and consenting plan. 

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Community reports

As part of our geothermal operations on the Kawerau Geothermal Reservoir, we publish an annual Community Report to provide the local communities with information on our operations and any significant changes. These reports can be found here: