Sustainability & Community

We're committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, seamlessly intertwining them into every facet of our business. 

We’ve established a comprehensive sustainability framework, and measure and report on our emissions each year. We’re also exploring innovative methods of carbon capture and sequestration.

Sustainability is about acting in a way that benefits the environment and the communities we operate in, while at the same time creating value for our investors.

Renewable energy is our core business. Sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship is entrenched in everything we do: with our project partners, our day-to-day operations, our consent requirements, and maintaining our social licence to operate.

We are part of the Climate Leaders Coalition

We approach sustainability with a local, national and international lens, and consider the needs of both current and future generations.

When setting our framework, we referred to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. Our focus areas are where we as an organisation believe we can support the most positive and meaningful outcomes, including: wellbeing, equality, improved water quality, clean energy, economic growth, industry innovation, sustainable communities and climate action partnerships.

Action plan to reduce emissions

Eastland Generation’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases are our geothermal power plants in Kawerau. Geothermal energy is renewable but not zero carbon. Geothermal plants are considered low carbon, producing 7% of the emissions of a typical coal power plant.

In light of this, we are investigating the implementation of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) at our Te Ahi O Maui and TOPP1 geothermal power plants, which will significantly reduce our emissions.

The target implementation date is by mid-FY2026.

We’re also planning to include CCS with any new geothermal developments.

With transport, we’re rationalising our vehicle fleet so that all non-operational vehicles are EVs or hybrids.

Meaningful partnerships

We have formed important partnerships with the local community and in particular, land owning Māori trusts. We value the relationships we hold as they underpin sustainable development and mutual prosperity.